At present scenario, there is a burning question, before the Bar and Bench that is to uplift the standard and level of Legal Education. Unfortunately, this issue had not been addressed in the past, in result of that, mushroom growth of substandard legal institutions took place and the stage came where situation went out of control.

No doubt, that the legal education is the sublime knowledge that needs to be imparted under careful and close supervision. Various new laws are emerging according to the changing times and they need to be added among the courses being taught in the legal institutions, so that the students may get benefit and take their pace with the ever-changing world. Now, the Supreme Court as well as Pakistan Bar Council has taken some solid steps to improve legal education system Countrywide and we hope that their efforts become successful. RLC, Arifwala has always focused on providing the students a complete guidance regarding theory as well as practice of their subjects. I encourage the students of law to participate in co-curricular activities to develop their confidence.

I don’t agree with the idea that the legal profession is overcrowded rather than I believe that there is a vast space and opportunities for law students and the young lawyers at national and international level because of the conflicting attitude of the people, society and states at world level.

I would like to congratulate all the ROYALIANS on being a part of a glorious institution which is always encouraging for their talents.